Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad
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Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad

Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad

Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad, Pakistani Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad, Pakistani fans launched a scathing attack on Esra Bilgic, a Turkish actress who appeared in Victoria’s Secret bra ad and showed ‘too many skins’. Bilgic was best known for her portrayal of Halima Sultan, the Turkish historical television series Dirilis Ertugrul. Local fans of the show criticized the actress for not living up to the character.

Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad
Men Attack Esra Bilgic For Its New Victoria’s Secret Ad

Bilgic posted a photo on Instagram to show her collaboration with the lingerie brand while promoting Love Cloud, their latest collection. Are you ready to rise above the clouds?” Its lightness, softness, and smoothness are what I love the most. Enjoy a new comfort when you join this journey,” the Turkish advertisement reads.


Pakistani men, particularly the men, rushed to the comments section and gave her undeserved advice after uploading the video advertisement. A user posted, “Shame on You!” after feeling cheated by the Turkish actor’s choice in clothes. This type of dress should be ashamed after Halima’s character. Another furious user suggested that the actress stop showing her naked body.
The actress has disabled the comment section of her Instagram post, it was observed. Here are some screenshots of viral comments on social media.


Bilgic was shamed by another one who said that she would never show herself in lingerie if she played the role of Halima Sultan. Another fan from Pakistan claimed that he had stopped liking the actress’s ads. “I used to be a fan of yours, but not anymore. It is important to know that most of your fans result from your portrayal of Halima Sultan. Why did you need to promote nudity, anyway? It seems like you don’t care about your fans. “It is a great shame!” read the comment.
The Pakistani men continued to say that the actress had destroyed Islamic culture and that she didn’t deserve to be called a Muslim girl. Another epic comment was that the actress should not have done the advertisement for money and that she should have asked the Pakistani government to help her.
Anoushey Ashraf, a TV host and VJ took to her Instagram account to highlight the abuses of Pakistani men. She wrote, “Why don’t men just unfollow she?” This isn’t the first time Bilgic has been subject to unjustified criticism. Pakistani fans had criticized Bilgic last year for sharing personal photos. These comments ranged from her dress to her respect for her dignity and screen persona. Bilgic responded politely to the criticism and asked her fans to unfollow her. She had written, “Let’s give you some advice. Don’t follow me, thank you.”

It is essential that Dirilis Ertugrul (an action drama initially broadcast on Turkish state TV between 2014 and 2019) was banned by many countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Turkey was accused of establishing a zone of influence in the Middle East. In Egypt, the High Fatwa Council Darul-Ifta also criticized Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdan. They claimed that Erdogan wanted to regain sovereignty over Arab countries previously under Ottoman rule.

Jamia Binnori, an Islamic institute based in Karachi, had issued a statement prohibiting the Turkish series’ broadcast on state television after the government announced that it would be broadcast starting from Ramzan 2020. Allama Muhammad Yusuf, Binnori Town Mosque, had said that the series should not be broadcast according to the shariah law.
According to reports, Ertugrul is one of the most popular Netflix shows and has received worldwide praise from film critics for its accurate portrayal of the Ottoman caliphate’s history. It was rated 8.4 by IMDb with an average of 100% from the audience.

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