10 Greatest Alicia Silverstone Quotes

My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.

I’m reachable for people, I’m not out of their league. I’m just a normal girl.

It’s important to see what we can do to make a difference, but it’s more important to me to do it every single day.

It’s so simple to create a delicious holiday meal without animal cruelty. I promise no one will miss the turkey!

I didn’t want to get married – I thought it was like a cult! It seemed so conservative and unnatural.

People think, ‘Wow, you’re an actress, so people must be really nice to you and kiss your ass.’ NOBODY kisses my ass.

I think people want love in their lives.

I knew that I wanted to be a film actress and I never watched TV. I was always too busy.

Creative collaboration is awesome.

I love cooking and one of my favorite things to do with my husband is open up the refrigerator.